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Founded in 2014 (the same summer a certain Mr. Pochettino was appointed), with the sole purpose of bringing like minded local Spurs supporters together, to watch our beautiful, beloved team.

Now entering our 10th consecutive season, it's fair to say we're still going strong, with over 100 members joining year after year.

From the highs of the aforementioned Pochettino era, to the recent lows of Nuno, Conte and Christian, Kernow Spurs has been there for the ride.

Our members span generations, and being part of the Supporters' Club community gives them a place to relive some of their fondest memories with other passionate supporters, some of whom are only just beginning their Tottenham journey. We've lived each others stories. European Glory, dices with relegation, first games, worst games, and everything in between.

Long lasting friendships have been made. Lifetime bonds. All in the name of Tottenham. All in the name of Kernow Spurs.

Why not come and join the only Official Tottenham Supporters' Club in Cornwall?

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Our 2023/24 membership will run from 1st June 2023 to 31st May 2024.

Benefits include:

  • Priority access to group bookings for Premier League home matches, sat with fellow Kernow Spurs Members.*

  • Free postage and packaging vouchers for the online Spurs Shop.

  • Access to pre-match drinks at the private Heineken rooftop bar.

  • Access to the virtual mascot programme with each Junior fan selected receiving a signed letter from a player, full home kit and Spurs goodies

  • The chance to represent Kernow Spurs in Tottenham's Supporters' Clubs 5-a-side football tournaments.

  • Access to exclusive experiences which have been specially developed for Official Supporters' Clubs

*To be eligible to benefit from Home Ticket allocations, you must also be a One Hotspur Member. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Season Ticket Members may join, but cannot obtain additional tickets through the priority booking.




*U18 membership applications must be accompanied by a suitable adult. U18's must also be accompanied by a suitable adult when attending matches.

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Applications for the 2023/24 season are currently open. When available, please complete the application form below to register your interest in joining Kernow Spurs.

The 2023/24 membership will run from 1st June 2023 to 31st May 2024.

Please ensure you read the rules (below) before completing the application form. You will be expected to adhere to them.

2023/24 Membership Application (click me)


We've compiled a list of our frequently asked questions, which may answer any queries you have. You can find them in the link below (Updated 28.06.2023). 

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